Other Writing & Media

Selected public-facing writing, speaking, and media:

2019. “Research Snapshot: Young People and Everyday Peace“. Interviewed by Dr Erin O’Brien. 4 June.

2019. “Should Australia lower the voting age to 16? We asked five experts”. The Conversation. 27 March.

2018. “Listened to, but not heard’: Lowering the Voting Age and Increasing Voter Participation”. with Dr Caitlin Mollica. Medium – Policy Innovation Hub. 30 October

2018. Submission to Commonwealth Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters Inquiry hearing into lowering the voting age.  with Dr Caitlin Mollica.

2018. “Peace and gender: Behind the Refugee Stereotype”. Interviewed, with Dr Lesley Pruitt, for mojonews/ Monash Gender, Peace and Security Podcast. 25 May.

2018. “Playing games with child trafficking in India“. with Erin O’Brien. Beyond Slavery for Open Democracy. 24 May

2018. “Australia Should be a Regional Leader on Youth, Peace and Security”. Australian Outlook. 24 April.

2018. “On Representations of War“. Guest on The Dead Prussian Podcast. 07 March.

2017. “Grievable Little Lives: Images of Children’s Death in Conflict and Crisis“. Invited seminar for the UQ Visual Politics Research Seminar Series. October. [link to audio recording]

2017. “Global Rise of Young Politicians“. Interview on national broadcaster ABCNews 24. October.

2017. “Hashtagging GirlhoodInternational Feminist Journal of Politics Blog. 16 January.

2016. “Not only do youth vote, they also represent their own”. The Conversation. 24 June.

2015.  “Not just victims or threats: young people win recognition as workers for peace”. with Lesley Pruitt. The Conversation. 17 December.

2015. Invited panelist “Games and War“.  Freeplay Independent Games Festival, Online Sessions. 14 April.

2014. “Pixels and People: Videogames, Warfare, and the Missing Everyday”. with Brendan Keogh. E-International Relations. 26 October.

2014. “Slackers or Delinquents? No, just politically engaged youth”. The Conversation. 4 June.

2014. “Recognising Youth: Everyday Lives and Local Peacebuilding in Colombia”. Act Local First. 19 June.

2012. Opinion columnist for Colombia Reports (colombiareports.com)

June 15, 2012. “Thinking beyond formal frameworks for peace

August 13, 2012. “Partnering with young people for a better world”

September 02, 2012. “To succeed, Colombia’s peace must be a complex, inclusive process

October 08, 2012. “Participation of Women Essential for Colombia’s Peace Process

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