About Helen

Helen Berents is a researcher interested in the politics of children and youth in international conflict and crises. She is a senior research fellow (ARC DECRA Fellow) in the School of Justice, Faculty of Law at the Queensland University of Technology; and received her PhD in International Relations from the School of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Queensland. Her work is motivated by a genuine belief in the importance of recognising the contributions and capacities of children and youth in navigating violence and building peace.

She is centrally concerned with both representations of young people in contexts of crises and conflict, and with engagements with the lived experience of violence-affected young people. More broadly this is located within an interest in questions of how marginal(ised) people are rendered insecure by institutions of authority and power, how young people are politicised but not seen as political, and how feminist approaches open space to recognise the everyday within these explorations. Her book Young People and Everyday Peace was published in 2018. She is currently undertaking a project funded by the Australian Research Council DECRA scheme on Youth Leadership and the Future of Peace and Security. For more on her academic and non academic writing see her various completed and in progress Research, or her Writings & Media.

Helen has lived all over Australia, as well as in the UK, Venezuela, and Colombia. Her pronouns are she/her/hers. If she isn’t writing, she is most likely baking something delicious. You can follow her writing, as well as occasional baking updates, on twitter: @hmberents