Youth Leadership and the Future of Peace and Security

ARC DECRA funded project 2020-2023

I am currently an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow, on the project Youth Leadership and the Future of Peace and Security.

This project explores the role of youth-led advocacy and engagement in the context of the establishment of an international ‘Youth, Peace and Security agenda’. It seeks to examine the role of youth in local, national and international contexts to contribute to more inclusive, durable peace. It aims to generate new insights into best practice for including youth in peace and security policies, and contribute to growing global recognition of youth peace advocacy by providing richer understandings of how to support and empower youth in conflict-affected contexts.

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If you are researching or working in this space, please feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear about and connect

with others working on the emergent YPS agenda.

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Work on youth, peace and security produced during the DECRA fellowship

I will provide updates on the research and outputs from the work as the project progresses.


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