Starting from somewhere: previous blogs

Hello, welcome! I have blogged for over a decade now in various places as part of my thinking process about the issues and events that concern me and make me think more deeply about the world. These are generally informal and initial thoughts and I’m always happy to hear from people with any thoughts and comments. Going forward I will continue to post at my current blog-home, Helen May Be Writing, and repost here. I start with some round-up style re-blogging of pieces from both blogs I’ve written at that may be of interest to people.

From 2010 when I was in Colombia for PhD fieldwork until 2014 I posted at Cuentos de Colombia. This blog is still available in full. Often these posts were news-round-ups or very informal reflections on fieldwork as well as observations particularly about children and conflict, gender and violence, and Colombia’s politics and peace process. Longer-form pieces from Cuentos de Colombia I like include:

From 2015, as I started a new job and my work moved away from primarily Colombia to broader topics, I have been writing at Helen May Be Writingand will continue to post there and cross-post here. Existing pieces there that I particularly like include:

As always, less formal opinions and thoughts can be found on my twitter: @hmberents.

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