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Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a copy of any of my publications. You can also find a list of my publications (many with accessible versions of these publications) at the QUT ePrints repository.


Berents H. 2018. Young People and Everyday Peace: Exclusion, Insecurity and Peacebuilding in Colombia. New York: Routledge

[2020: now out in paperback, click here for flyer with discount code]

Lea la introducción de mi libro, Los Jóvenes y la Paz Cotidiana, en español aquí

Journal Articles

Berents, H. 2022. ‘Power, Partnership, and Youth as Norm Entrepreneurs: Getting to UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace, and Security‘, Global Studies Quarterly, online first. [Open-access]

Berents, H. and Mollica, C. 2021. ‘Reciprocal institutional visibility: Youth, peace and security and ‘inclusive’ agendas at the United Nations’, Cooperation & Conflict, online first.

Berents, H. 2020. ‘Politics, policy-making and the presence of images of suffering children’, International Affairs, 96(3): 593–608.

Berents, H. and Duncombe, C. 2020. ‘Introduction: Violence, Visuality and World Politics’, International Affairs96(3): 567-571. [Introduction to Special Section]

Berents, H. 2020. “This is my story”: Children’s war memoirs and challenging protectionist discourses’, International Review of the Red Cross, 101(911, Children and war): 459-479

Berents, H and Keogh, B. 2019. “Dominant, damaged, disappeared: imagining war through videogame bodies”. Australian Journal of Political Science54(4): 515-530. [In Symposium on ‘Exploring the (Multiple) Futures of World Politics Through Popular Culture’]

O’Brien, E and Berents, H. 2019. “Virtual Saviours: Digital games and anti-trafficking awareness-raising”. Anti-Trafficking Review. 13: 82-99.

Berents, H. 2019. “Apprehending the ‘Telegenic Dead’: Considering Images of Children in Global Politics”. International Political Sociology. 13(2): 145-160.

Pruitt, L, Berents H, and Munro G. 2018. “Gender and Age in the Construction of Male Youth in the European ‘Migration Crisis”. Signs: Journal of Women and Culture in Society [special issue on Displacement] 43(3): 687-709 [pdf]

Berents, H and Keogh, B. 2018. “Virtuous, Virtual, but not Visceral: (Dis)embodied Viewing in Military-themed Videogames” Critical Studies on Security[In ‘Intervention’ section on: Visual representations of war and violence: considering embodiment]

Berents, H and ten Have, C. 2017. “Negotiating Violence: Fear and Everyday Life in Mexico and Colombia”. Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Journal. 6(1): 103-117. [Open-access]

Berents, H. 2016. “Hashtagging Girlhood: #IAmMalala, #BringBackOurGirls, and gendering representations of global politics”. International Feminist Journal of Politics 18(4): 513-527. [Winner of the 2015 Cynthia Enloe Award, awarded to an article by an exceptional early career scholar]

Berents, H. & McEvoy-Levy, S. 2015. “Theorising youth and everyday peace(building)”. Peacebuilding, 3(2): 1-14. [Free-access]

Berents, H. 2015. “An embodied everyday peace in the midst of violence”. Peacebuilding, 3(2): 115-125 [special issue on Youth and Everyday Peace, edited by myself and Siobhan McEvoy-Levy]

Berents, H. 2015. “Children, violence, and social exclusion: Negotiation of everyday insecurity in a Colombian barrio”. Critical Studies on Security, 3(1): 90-104. [special issue on Children, Childhoods, and Security Studies]

Berents, H. 2014. “‘Its about finding a way’: Children, sites of opportunity, and building everyday peace in Colombia”. International Journal of Children’s Rights. 22(2): 362-384

Berents, H. 2009. “No Child’s Play: Recognising the agency of former child soldiers in peace building processes”. Dialogue 6(2): 1-35 [pdf]

Book Chapters

Altiok, A, Berents, H, Grizelj, I, & McEvoy-Levy, S. 2020. Youth, Peace, and Security. In Hampson, F O, Özerdem, A, & Kent, J (Eds.) Routledge Handbook of Peace, Security and Development. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, pp. 433-447.

Berents, H. 2020. Depicting childhood: A critical framework for engaging images of children in IR. In Beier, J.M. (Ed.) Discovering Childhood in International Relations. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 41-63.

Berents, H & Mollica, C. 2020. Youth and peacebuilding. In Richmond, O & Visoka, G (Eds.) The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Peace and Conflict Studies. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Berents, H. 2018. “Right(s) from the Ground Up: Internal Displacement, the Urban Periphery and Belonging to the City” In Agius, C and Keep D (eds) The Politics of Identity: Space, Place and Discourse. Manchester: Manchester University Press

Berents, H and ten Have, C. 2018. “Staying Safe in Colombia and Mexico: Skilled Navigation and Everyday Insecurity”. In Carrington, K, Scott, J and Hogg, R (eds) Palgrave Handbook on Criminology and the Global South. Palgrave. [pdf]

Berents, H. 2012. “Hermione Granger goes to war: A feminist reflection on the situation of girls in real world conflicts”. In C. Bell (ed.) Hermione Granger Saves the World: Essays on the Feminist Heroine of Hogwarts. McFarland & Company, Jefferson, NC and London. (142-162).


Spalding S, Odgers-Jewell C, Payne H, Mollica C & Berents H. 2021. Making Noise and Getting Things Done: Youth Inclusion and Advocacy for Peace. Lessons from Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar. QUT Centre for Justice. December. [see Project Page for more details]

Berents, Helen & Prelis, S. 2020. More than a Milestone: The Road to UN Security Council Resolution 2250. Search for Common Ground.

Berents, Helen & Mollica, C. 2020. Youth and Peace in the Indo-Pacific: Policy, Practice, Action: Report on the Academy of Social Science in Australia (ASSA) Workshop. QUT Centre for Justice.

Book Reviews

Berents, H. 2017. “Book Review: Child Security in Asia: The Impact of Armed Conflict in Cambodia and Myanmar by Celia Jacob”. Global Governance.

Berents, H. 2015. “Book Review: Gender and Global Justice” Australian Journal of Politics and History. 61(1): 165-166.

Other Academic Outputs

Berents, H & C Duncombe (eds). 2020. Special section on ‘Violence, Visuality and World Politics’ for International Affairs 96(3).

Berents, H & J Scott (eds). 2016. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Crime Justice and Social Democracy

Berents, H & S McEvoy-Levy (eds). 2015. Special issue on “Young People and Everyday Peace” for Peacebuilding 3(2).

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